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Multi Glow Serum
Kelly Frieda
Glowing Healthy Skin

This serum has given my face a healthy look and feel. Even complexion and less prominent fine lines in weeks. Happy to continue using this multi glow serum. Thanks.

Multi Glow Serum x 2
Nishi Dhalla

Beautiful Serum, leaves your skin hydrated whole day, not greasy at all, I have noticed significant reduction in sun spots.


My favourite go to serum

Multi Glow Serum
Natasha Parrant
A must-try serum!

Great serum! All the natural ingredients feel great on my sensitive skin, it doesn't
sting, it helps my skin feel hydrated, and is very light on my skin, so it doesn't feel like I've got anything on once I apply the serum to my skin. I would recommend trying it to anyone! It's highly non-abrasive, so it really would suit anyone's skin and it's vegan and cruelty-free, even better!

Beautiful Serum

This serum gives such a beautiful glow. Love how it is so light weight, non-oily looking and gets into the skin to give full day hydration. I have very sensitive skin and this serum has calmed some of those sensitivities and it goes perfectly under makeup as well. High recommend this serum!

Multi Glow Serum
Marie Saporoshetz

This glow serum is absolutely Divine, the serum sinks into your skin beautifully and gives a glow from the inside out!!!

Love it!

I love the Multi Glow Serum. My skin looks brighter and clearer. Thank you!


I have been using the Multi Glow Serum for about a month and my skin has never felt so soft! I work in a hospital and wear a N95 mask and goggles throughout the day and the serum has helped my skin not dry out or break out. The colour of the serum also gives my face an instant glow ✨️ Love it!

Multi Glow Serum
Emilie Ng
Great product, will buy again!

This serum has transformed my skin, and I dont have to use heaps of layering products. This serum covers it all, simple and effective. Thanks

Multi Glow Serum
Linda Herrick
Love This Serum!

I love this golden rich serum which is incredibly hydrating and impressively smooth, it penetrates the skin nicely without leaving residue.

Great results

Happened to come across this serum and I noticed that a higher end brand I used to use that charges a lot more for a natural and effective face serum, multi glow serum has much more goodness and the I got great result. This serum ACTUALLY WORKS! I don't need a separate moisturiser and this feel great on the skin as a serum plus hydrator.

Just WOW!

I have tried much more expensive serums which has so many other unhelpful ingredients that dilute the natural benefits. But this serum, oh my... Delivers amazing results, feels lovely and good to know it is all natural. You got to try this gem!

As lovely as nature itself!

I recently bought this serum and my mature skin is loving its lovely feel, texture and natural fragrance. My skin feels rehydrated, plump and soft to touch. The skin has less wrinkles and looks youthful. The best thing is, it is completely natural in feel and not at all like those synthetic products. Love it, highly recommended!

Great for sensitive skin!

I have dry and sensitive skin, and this serum has helped improve my skin. Very gentle on skin and doesnt irritate. Will buy again.

Best Serum!

Been using this for a month now and can really tell the difference in my skin texture and sun spots. My skin is also feeling very soft, can't help but keep touching it :)

Multi Glow Serum
Lucy Smith

Amazing face serum, my skin is was dry and cracked and now so plum and hydrated the whole day. A little goes a long way, absolutely love it.

Multi Glow Serum x 3
Jessica Ambrose
Excellent product

I love this product, it is so nice to put on and I can already notice the difference in my pigmentation.
I also love the label, it looks like a holiday in a bottle.

5 ⭐️

Iv been using this product daily, its lives my skin fresher and not oily throughout the day. After using it for sometime i see dark spots slowly fading away 😃

Multi Glow Serum
Nishi Dhalla

I would highly recommend this serum, v gentle on skin and after using it my dark spots faded significantly.

Multi Glow Serum
Naré Pestov
100% natural

I like that all ingredients are 100% natural.

Very good serum

Very good serum. My dark spots are fading and people are noticing even skin tone.

Brighter and soft

Nice texture, nice in morning and night. Pores are not clogged up, my skin feels brighter and soft. Its a great feeling.

Much better skin tone

Much better skin tone, sunspots are diminishing wrinkles are less visible after using this serum, I have sensitive skin and haven't seen bad side effects of this serum.


Very good

Important part of my skin care routine

I loved using this serum as it has such a lovely natural fragrance, kind of aromatic floral scent. It is easy to spread and the skin feels supple straight away. My skin is now much softer to touch. I would recommend 5 to 6 drops on face as well as neck. My skin actually loved it and it is now an important part of my skin care routine. The best part is knowing it is made of only natural products, I didn't get any allergies and that tacky feeling of synthetic chemicals on your face. Highly recommended!